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Le Allegre Comari






NEW What’s in a Shoe


Round Table Log


Round Table Chat, a great way to learn about your favorite Indie Authors and the projects they’re working on. ______________________________________________________________



Chatting with Carol Bondensteiner about her new book Go Away Hone, another fantastic historical novel.




Incantation Paradox is now available at Amazon. Read the blurb at annamaria’s books, bringing imagination to life.


Also, on annamaria’s website, check out the small video Maria Bradley created for Incantation Paradox.

Summer Short

Don’t miss the wonderful flash fiction at Alison Bruce’s website. It’s all about summer. Nine different authors have submitted their stories for your enjoyment. Authors like Catherine Astolfo, Pamela Blance, and Alison Bruce… yes, I submitted too. My story is titled Mackinaw Island Adventure.


My Ramblings

Round Table Chat


More Ramblings on my favorite Round Table Chats because I’m swamped.



stack of books


I’m working on special Round Table Chats, talking with Young Adult authors.



Most of my mother's siblings with my sister and I

Most of my mother’s siblings with my sister and I



What’s on my Plate the post and the video




Uncle Joe 2The Man Who Raised Me fought in WWII.

I knew him as Uncle Joe, one of the two beloved uncles who raised me.

Uncle Joe was drafted to fight when the US joined the fight after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

A sharp young lad who, although born in the US was raised in Sicily, spoke little to no English. My grandfather did not want him to fight as an Italian soldier, thank God or he would have died with all his friends on the Russian front. No, my grandfather told them, “You are Americans and if you have to go to war you will fight for your country.” Read more.

New Booking a Blog Tour

Another Blog Hop Featuring Me, J.P. Lane, Rachelle Ayala, George Henry, and Jan Ryder

If you enjoy history, check out my historical ramblings. Where Did the Egyptians come from?


The Western Black Rhino is officially extinct according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCB). I you want to read the article you can find it here. The sad reality of our inhumanity towards our wild life.


Ramblings About Publishing
WLC Ramblings
Magical Birds

Edmund Blair Leighton--Going to Church

Edmund Blair Leighton–Going to Church



Regency Era Facts, some of my research for the White Swans series



Ariana and Amelia


Let’s Kill the Terrible Acne Bacteria



Princess Charlotte wedding gown

Princess Charlotte wedding gown



Regency Weddings




From annamaria’s Desk
The Unity Candle
Time for…
More Ramblings
Spotlight Ramblings
The Infamous Call to 911




Chris Karslen, author of Knight Blindness, talks about Writing the Hero and Heroine from Different Cultures



Tony Riches


Building Your Platform on Twitter by Tony Riches



My Headshot


Andrea Buginski discusses the art of ‎Editing



Regency gown


To celebrate the release of White Swans: A Regency era my friend J. P. Lane discusses ‎Regency Women’s Wear



This is annamaria’s writing corner

Author Blog Tours, Blasts, and Blitzes

Be My December




Find out more about the new novel, Be My December by Rachel Brookes right here




GBS (4)

Seven Brothers Series by Lili St. Germain. Five of the seven books are touring, the other two will be coming soon.


All That Matters




All That Matters by Michelle Congdon. Don’t miss the excitement









Degradation by Stylo Fantôme is now touring.





Sarah Darlington



A new blog tour for Kill Devil Hills by Sarah Darligton






All That Matters



All That Matters by Michelle Congdon is now available. Read more…






Coming soon Kill Devil Hills by Sarah Darlington. Tour start Aug. 4 and I host on Aug. 6.

Kiss me now








Which Noah do you vote for?


Which Noah do you like




Cover Release 


The Prisoners of Dreams, a collections of poems by Diana Nixon. It’s a small addition to the Heavens Trilogy, written from the POV of one of the leading characters, Natalie.



Catch Front




Catch by Michelle Congdon





New Release Announcements

Played by Love




Played by Love, the first novel in a sports series by Rachelle Ayala.





Murderous Lies




A new thriller suspense novel Murderous Lies by Chantel Rhondeau









Lost in Starlight by Sherry Soule is now available. Read an excerpt.

Sarah Darlington



Sarah Darlington’s new book, Kill Devil Hills, is now available. Discover all you can about her new book.



Keith Rommel three-book-graphic




Keith Rommel’s The Sinful Man, the third book of the Thanathology is now available.





Luthier's Apprentice



Find out more about Mayra Calvani’s new book The Lutier’s Apprentice.






Love Undone


Coming June 3, Love Undone by Diana Nixon, the author of Love Lines and Heavens. Enjoy the Prologue and first chapter of the novel here.


Nature's Unbalance




Don’t miss the 2nd edition of Nature’s Unbalance a young adult novel by Andrea Buginsky





I call him Brady




Don’t miss the new release i call him BRADY by author K.S. Thomas





Whole Latte Love by Rachelle Ayala, another amazing romance by the author of Broken Build and Knowing Vera







Love & Redemption by Chatel Rhondeau. A romantic suspense.





Leap of Faith




Leap of Faith by Michele Shriver


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00005]



Taming Romeo by Rachelle Ayala. A Racy Romance you’re sure to enjoy.

Heavens (1)



The Souls of Rain, Book I of Heavens, by Diana Nixon






b00k R3vi3ws Tour 2


New Indie Books

Books I enjoyed reading

by Michael Drakich    boy+girl+magic=exciting adventure

by AD Trosper     dragons+riders=unexpected relationships

by Rachelle Ayala      Ms. Ayala’s latest romance. Light and a fast read since you won’t want to put it down

by A.D. Trosper   teens+dark angels+devils=heart felt story

For more on these books, check my reviews.

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