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Christmas SnowmanWas it Not?

Was it not yesterday I took down all the Christmas decoration? Was it not yesterday we toasted the arrival of 2017? Was it not… More…








Time Travel CoverWriting I

Still working on the time travel novel and having fun, but need to wrap things up because I will be starting on the multi-cultural novella. Haven’t figured out what the story should be about yet, but I need a plan real soon. More…




My Novels

White Swans A Regency World — a young adult fantasy with a dash of science fiction and romance

White Swans A Regency WorldThe eyes in the sky follow Kendíka everywhere she goes after she wakes up in a surreal
kingdom surrounded by strangers. Will the sinister eyes of the Regency World reveal themselves?

Spending her life as the pet of a superior intelligent being is not a choice for Kendíka who, armed with external courage and a shaky heart, challenges the aliens no one has ever seen.

Kendíka does not give up and discovers the name of her captor—Saphora. Learning the skill of patience, Kendíka struggles with her owner, understanding that this approach can only have one of two possible outcomes—improvement or death.


Incantation Paradox — an adult urban fantasy

Magic is an illusion. It doesn’t really exist. Or does it?



A horrible car accident destroys Dolores Reynard’s life. But instead of waking up in a hospital bed, she awakens in a teenager’s body. Soon, she discovers she is at the heart of the murderous mystery surrounding the death of Mona, the young girl whose body she occupies. Caught between an evil greater than she ever imagined and a wizard who heals her tattered heart, she is forced to play a dangerous game of intrigue in the hopes of finding a way to return to her previous life.

Will magic be her ally, or will it lead to her demise once and for all.






Round Table Log


Round Table Chat, a great way to learn about your favorite Indie Authors and the projects they’re working on.


Newest Chats

Joanne Dannon

Viki Heagy




My Ramblings


us-map 2016 electionsWhere Do We Go from Here

Once again our Electoral College has managed to vote into the presidency a person who did not receive the popular vote.

Demonstrations have been breaking out through out the US including here in Virginia, a state that is clearly Clinton. It amazes me how the topography of this state has changed through the years from a devout conservative, republican state to a democratic one. More…



The great opportunities born through self publishing have flooded online stores with a melange of books from excellent to poor. Everyone in the world wants to publish a book whether talented or not the important thing is the book is published. More…


italian-friendsHow Time Stops

As I’ve been concentrating on the historical time travel novel a few things have jumped to mind to distract me. I figured if I write them down, dealing with them, these thoughts might subside and go away, letting me concentrate on my novel. More…


red-black-book-bagGoing home

The meaning of going home has changed drastically through the years.

Stepping through the door the aroma of fresh-baked bread filled my nostril the hot air from the ovens spread warmth all around. In the kitchen, my grandmother, Nonni, still kneaded dough for more bread. More…


Rescued by a GamblerRescued by a Gambler

The unbelievable story of Natasha. Yes, a bit unbelievable but when a crazy and stupid husband gambles with the wrong people, organized crime, nothing good can come out of it. Or can it? More…


Romancing the WhineChristmas Pets and Kisses 2

Warm your hearts this holiday season with twelve all-new sweet romances from best-selling authors. If you enjoyed Christmas Pets and Kisses you’ll love following some old friends and meeting some new ones. This delightful collection of pets, from paws and hooves to wings and fins, deliver another round of Christmas magic and true love. More…


Romancing the Wine

Romancing the Wine

Harmony in the Vineyard

Growing up in Sicily, Italy taught me to appreciate a good wine during meals. Yes, I was allowed to drink wine since the age of two where a few drops of red wine were watered down with half a glass of water. It was still wine. By the time I turned ten I could actually drink wine straight, not only in the home but at public restaurants. More…


Romancing the WhineAnother Rant

Another box set for $0.99.
This one has nine novellas by nine different authors. What a bargain!

It is unfortunate readers don’t understand the many hours of hard work that go into making a box set happen. Let alone all the time and money each author invests in their individual book. More…



What is a Trope?

For all you avid romance readers do you know about ‘tropes’? Have you ever realized that a romance novel is driven by one or more tropes?

Tropes are plot devices used to bring together the two heroes.I’ve written a few romances and more are in the works, but I still have a problem defining a trope to use to drive my novels. More…


CP&K 2

CP&K 2

It’s never easy

So many want to be authors…
I want to be an author…
Can I tell a story?
Can I find my unique voice?
Do you know the rules of the genre you want to write in?
Is the sheepish answer screaming in my head.

Developing characters that have unique personalities and stand out of the page is a difficult endeavor. To find a plot that will captivate your reader and hold interest until the last page is another challenge of picking words and phrases culminating in the telling of the story in a unique way. A way that is all my own. Now a days a strong heroine is a must. A strong voice is essential. More…




As an Indi author I believe in quality and perfection of publication. With this in mind when I complete a novel or novella I send it to my editor to make sure I have no holes in my plot, my characters are consistent and no action is out of place. I also rely on my editor to make sure all words are spelled correctly. I pay good money to have this done. More…


From CP&K 1

From CP&K 1

Writing Status

It’s been a while since I’ve paid any attention to my blog. Pity indeed! With so little time I struggle, prioritizing my writing as number one while everything else, blog, website, etc., fall behind. More…



Big-Floppy-HatHow do You Get Noticed

How do you get noticed? I could wear a huge floppy hat and walk around the mall, that would get me noticed. But that’s not the kind of attention I’m seeking as an author. More…



a pile of booksThe Art of Writing

Sitting down and writing a novel is no easy task, not even for a pancer.

The heartaches from rejection letters are many, too many to count for most of us. With the big publishing companies not accepting new authors a new era of self-publishing sprung in the market place to bring joy and sorrow to both readers and serious Indie authors. More…


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00014]The Wandering Mind

I need to buckle down and start to work seriously on two major projects: 1. complete the wine romance novella and 2. start on the time travel romance novella. More….



a pile of booksChanging Gears.

As you must know by now, I’ve always enjoyed writing science fiction and fantasy novels, yet lately I’ve spent a great deal of time and energy writing romance novellas. More…


Gone_with_the_wind_kissSomething New.

It’s been a while since I’ve published any of my ramblings.

I’ve started writing a genre I swore I’d never write — romance.

The first romance novella I’ve written is a  Christmas sweet romance with a pet that will appear in a box set with other romance authors. The box set will be released in September. I’m excited about it. Read more…

images 3


God and Physics–my love and my obsession



Uncle Joe 2The Man Who Raised Me fought in WWII. I knew him as Uncle Joe, one of the two beloved uncles who raised me. Uncle Joe was drafted to fight when the US joined the fight after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. A sharp young lad who, although born in the US was raised in Sicily, spoke little to no English. My grandfather did not want him to fight as an Italian soldier, thank God or he would have died with all his friends on the Russian front. No, my grandfather told them, “You are Americans and if you have to go to war you will fight for your country.” Read more.


If you enjoy history, check out my historical ramblings.


NefertitiWhere Did the Egyptians come from?

The first pharaoh of Egypt was Narmer (sometimes called Menes) who united lower and upper Egypt. Were Narmer and Menes truly the same person? More…


Edmund Blair Leighton--Going to Church

Edmund Blair Leighton–Going to Church



Regency Era Facts, some of my research for the White Swans series



Princess Charlotte wedding gown

Princess Charlotte wedding gown


Regency Weddings






swinton-park-swans Kendika


Come discover Kendíka’s world. White Swans a Regency World by Annamaria Bazzi. Available at Amazon


Regency gown


To celebrate the release of White Swans: A Regency era my friend J. P. Lane discusses ‎Regency Women’s Wear



This is annamaria’s writing corner





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