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Round Table ChatGood morning and welcome to another edition of the Round Table Chat. It’s September already, but the days here in Virginia are still very hot. Today with me I have Joanne Dannon, one of the authors in the Romancing the Wine box set.

Good morning Joanne, it’s so good to finally meet you. For this special occasion I’ve baked Blueberry muffins and flaky croissants. Can I offer you one of each?

Joanne – Thanks Annamaria, lovely to catch up. I’d love a muffin not only do they look delicious but you backed them and they’re blueberry.

Annamaria – What would you like to drink? I’m having cappuccino; I can never start my day without it. I also have regular coffee, assorted teas, juices.

Joanne – I’ll have a cappuccino too. I usually drink lattes but happy to have what you’re having (gives Annamaria a wink). Just thought I’d sneak a line in from When Harry Met Sally, since the movie is a favourite of my heroine’s and is featured in my latest romance, Bidding on Love.

Annamaria – I also love that movie. With such a pretty day outside, would you like to join me on the patio so we can chat more?

Joanne – I’d love to. It’s Spring in Melbourne and the weather isn’t as warm as it is here, how lovely it is to be chatting on your porch, it’s very indulgent.

As an Australian romance writer, it was really nice to be included in the Romancing the Wine boxed set. Thanks to the Internet and Facebook, I get to meet awesome romance writers, like yourself.

Annamaria – gee, thanks. It was nice to work with everyone on the project. I haven’t had a chance to read Bidding on Love. Do you want to tell me why I should read it first?

Joanne – I can’t wait to read all the books in our set, they all look fabulous. I’ve just started Jade Kerrion’s. I felt I should read hers first since she invited me into the group, but yours will be next.

Back to Bidding on Love. I just love this book so much and the positive feedback from the readers has been awesome. Last night, my friend told me that she read it in one sitting, finishing at 2am because she had to see how it ended. How great is that?

Bidding on Love has everything for a perfect romance. My hero has a plan and nothing is going to deter him from marrying the “perfect” woman. My heroine has raised her brothers after her parents were tragically killed ten years earlier and she needs to find herself. They agree on an affair but then they fall in love. Whoops. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Will either of them give up their dreams and compromise for a perfect happily ever after?

Annamaria – Sounds like a great read. Bidding on Love is about romance and wine. Where is wine featured in your book?

Joanne – My hero’s family came out from Argentina and worked on vineyard in Red Hill, which is an hour’s drive from Melbourne. My hero, Diego Sanchez, is the owner of Sanchez, hip wines bars in both the city and trendy inner-city suburbs.

He’s looking to expand his bars to Sydney and takes the heroine there for a day of sightseeing and they also climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge to watch the sun rise.

Annamaria – I like a hero who knows how to romance. Anything else he’s good at apart from *ahem* the obvious.

Joanne –*blushes* Diego can dance and it’s how he and Lily meet. Here’s a little teaser from their first meeting.

“There aren’t specific steps as such. Argentine tango is an informal, improvised dance.” With their close contact she was supremely aware of every defined muscle in his strong arms.
With every slide of his leg against hers, the cross of their ankles and their knees brushing, it was as though he was virtually transmitting a feel of the music to her.
She’d found her rhythm and danced with him around the dance floor without falling over or stabbing his toe with her heel.
He moved closer, his cheek in contact with hers. A heady mixture of soap, something citrusy with a slight tang of male greeted her nostrils. She inhaled deeply.
She resisted the urge to drive her fingers through his dark hair. It was a tad too long and she longed to feel the thickness of his mane through her fingers.
“You’re ah, um, a good dancer.” Her stumbling words copied her stumbling feet.
If he noticed how badly she danced, he didn’t say anything. “I’m enjoying dancing with you, a drink after?”

Annamaria – Just a moment while I fan myself.

Joanne – Don’t you just love larger than life heroes who see the qualities and potential in the heroine that she can’t see in herself?

Annamaria – I sure do. I had a look at your books and they’re all different. Do you like to mix it up?

Joanne – Definitely, I like to write the contemporary romances I want to read. My heroes are all different and I’ve got a scientist, a lawyer, a singing superstar, a tour guide and reporter.

Annamaria – You published your first book last year and you’ve published three more. What plans have you got for the next few months?

Joanne – I have another book coming out next month, Together at Last, which is the third book in the Alex Jackson series. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone even though they’re linked. I’ve also got two holiday reads coming out in late November. Who doesn’t love holiday romance?

Annamaria – I also love holiday romances, I’ll have to look out for yours.

Joanne – Thanks Annamaria. Oh, I also wanted to add that I was fortunate to write Bidding on Love at Red Hill. My fabulous writing friend, Lexi Greene, and I went away for a writing retreat and stayed at this gorgeous vineyard where we wrote, drank wine, went for walks, ate, drank more wine and had a brilliant yet productive weekend away.

Annamaria – Sounds great. Being away from family and commitments would’ve helped?

Joanne – Of course. And since Red Hill is only an hour’s drive from where we live, we had plenty of time away. I would love to go away with Lexi again. We chatted non-stop about writing.

Annamaria – It sounds perfect.

Joanne – It was. I’m really enjoying here chatting with you. The coffee is delicious, by the way. This is the second boxed set I’ve worked on and it’s been a fantastic opportunity to meet different writers and work in a team, rather than on my own.

Annamaria – It’s often said that writing is a lonely occupation.

Joanne – It is but I’m lucky to have three published friends who live near me and we often catch up and talk about writing. Plus, thanks to the Internet I hang out with some awesome American writers who are very supportive.

It’s really nice out here, why don’t we have another coffee, crack open our kindles and read for a while in the sun?

Annamaria – I like your thinking.

Joanne – thanks for having me over today and chatting about my books. I’ve really enjoyed my time this morning.

Annamaria – You’re welcome. I’ll be back with our cappuccinos and more muffins.

Joanne – You’re a brilliant host, thanks Annamaria!

Bidding on Love is part of the Romancing the Wine box set.

Romancing the Whine

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Book Blurb for Bidding on Love

When love complicates a fling, Lily Taylor is launching her career as a jazz singer through a celebrity auction at a gala event. The problem is, no one is bidding except Diego Sanchez, the sexy Argentinian she had a one- night stand with one month ago. She’s been raising her twin brothers for the past nine years after their parents were tragically killed. Now that they’re adults, Lily’s determined to be independent and carve out a new life for herself. The last thing she wants is to settle down.

Diego Sanchez has successfully launched a brand of hip wine bars across Melbourne. With his career goals met, he’s looking for a woman who shares his values on family, home, and culture. Not only is Lily not interested, but she doesn’t meet his preconceived notions of a “perfect wife”.

A burning attraction between them, Lily and Diego agree on an affair but the clincher is, it has an end-date. But when love complicates their fling, are they willing to make changes or will they each hold steadfast to their entrenched beliefs and goals?
“From a hot, hot one night stand to always-and-forever, Joanne delivers on her promise of a sigh-worthy ending. An engaging, fun, and sexy read.” Lexi Greene, romance writer.

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Author Bio

with-bidding-on-loveJoanne Dannon has been living in the world of romance for as long as she can remember.  From doodling love hearts on her school notebooks to regularly reading romances, Joanne’s world has always been filled with the excitement of love stories. So it was just a natural for Joanne to begin writing the genre she’s always loved.
Formerly a policy writer by day and romance writer by night, Joanne now spends full time writing the books she adores. Creating heroes for readers to fall in love with and heroines to cheer on, her characters are people readers can identify with.

Joanne writes to give her readers the experience she still loves to savor—indulging in a sigh-worthy-happily-ever-after, being swept away from the everyday by diving into a delicious romance novel.

Joanne Dannon is a happily married mother of two heroes-in-training who love spending time with friends and family.  She can be found on Facebook and her website chatting about reading, writing, cooking, vintage-inspired dresses and all things romantic.  She loves to hear from readers.

Stop by and take a look at Joanne’s website

About Annamaria

Although born in the United States, Annamaria Bazzi spent a great deal of her childhood in Sicily, Italy, in a town called Sciacca. Italian was the language spoken at home. Therefore, she had no problems when she found herself growing up in a strange country. Upon returning to the states, she promised herself she would speak without an accent. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computers with a minor in Spanish. Annamaria spent twenty years programming systems for large corporations, creating innovative solution, and addressing customer problems. During those years, she raised four daughters and one husband. Annamaria lives in Richmond Virginia with her small family where she now dedicates a good part of her day writing.
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  1. Hebby Roman says:

    Annamaria, loved your Round Table, nice to hear about another awesome boxed set. I mean, who doesn’t love wine. Right? I love, love, love all kinds of wine, and we just got back from Italy (your second home), where I learned to drink Chianti, it’s delicious, but then I didn’t meet a wine in Italy that I didn’t like. They were all so fresh, the wines, and the food was, as you know, truly amazing, too.
    BTW, just finished your book last night from our boxed set, SOL, and I was amazed at the story line you picked and what a tough set of conflicts your characters faced. But you had them face their differences with grace and love, it was an awesome story, Annamaria, you should be proud!!! Really enjoyed it, and especially the “third” character, her best friend, “Diary.”

    • Annamaria says:

      Hebby, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed When East Meets West, the story is dear to me. I’ve been swamped lately and still haven’t started reading our set. Looking forward to Christmas break to catch up on some reading.

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