Writing Update I

Still working on the time travel novel and having fun, but need to wrap things up because I will be starting on the multi-cultural novella. Haven’t figured out what the story should be about yet, but I need a plan real soon. I’ll also be working on a summer vacation themed short story for another anthology. Life will continue on and hopefully I’ll also find the time to finish Cyber Bride, which I’m contemplating turning into women’s fiction instead of strictly romance, playing with this thought.

For the time being I have two mock-ups for the time travel novel and would love to know which one you like best.

The first one:

Time Travel Cover


The second one:

Time Travel Cover II

I’m dying with anticipation to know what you think. So, please leave a comment with your vote. The cover with the most votes will become the cover for the romance.

With the holidays upon us, Thanksgiving in two weeks followed by the Christmas season, my favorite, time will be short. I can’t seem to keep my focus.

One of my all time favorite novels I keep putting in the back burner, but need to finish working on the edits with my editor and get it ready to solicit agents. I would like to try to have this one published the traditional way. It might still get rejected because it has dragons in the young adult, fantasy/sci-fi book. It also tackles some real political problems in the hopes of bringing awareness to the young adult population. The book is titled Dragons in the Resistance, but I’m starting to think it might need a different title, not sure yet.

As time goes by, I realize that my plate will always be overflowing and I’ll be playing catch up all the time. Sometimes I wonder if other writers feel the same.

About Annamaria

Although born in the United States, Annamaria Bazzi spent a great deal of her childhood in Sicily, Italy, in a town called Sciacca. Italian was the language spoken at home. Therefore, she had no problems when she found herself growing up in a strange country. Upon returning to the states, she promised herself she would speak without an accent. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Computers with a minor in Spanish. Annamaria spent twenty years programming systems for large corporations, creating innovative solution, and addressing customer problems. During those years, she raised four daughters and one husband. Annamaria lives in Richmond Virginia with her small family where she now dedicates a good part of her day writing.
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