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Regency Era Facts

  The research I did for the first short story of the White Swans series was both interesting and fun. Historical facts are important no matter what genre an author writes, but especially writing for young adults, since teens are … Continue reading

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Regency Weddings

As a history lover, one of the most exciting parts of writing the White Swans series is all the research needed for creating an accurate setting with precise details. It is unknown how common the white wedding dress was during … Continue reading

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Where did the Egyptians come from?

The first pharaoh of Egypt was Narmer (sometimes called Menes) who united lower and upper Egypt. Were Narmer and Menes truly the same person? At least that’s what I thought, but historians cannot agree on who the first pharaoh really … Continue reading

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The Women of Acient Egypt

The Women of Ancient Egypt were better off than many of the women in some of today’s countries. Not only did women run the household and raise children, but, if they desired a job outside the house to make money, … Continue reading

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What Killed King Tutankhamun

The latest report states that king Tutankhamun died of gangrene caused by a broken leg, but there will always be speculation. The king died of natural causes not murder. A team of scientist subjected the badly damaged mummy to a … Continue reading

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The Etruscans–where did they come from?

The question that has been bothering me for a long time is where the Etruscans came from. Why the interest? Ancient civilizations have always fascinated me, ever since I started studying the Phoenicians and Egyptians in third grade. Back then, … Continue reading

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Musings about Tutankhamun

Weird. Spent an awful lot of time working on my blog site. Is it doing what I want? Yeah, right! You guessed! I faked it by creating a page for Other Authors. Inspiration should creep in to save me and … Continue reading

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